Services خدمات


Services, in the current time, relate to the personal specialties and skills gained and mastered through the personal, educational, experimental and professional life journey.

Services offered may apply at the personal and individual level, or at the group and collective level as well.

Services are the current initial resources through which, the A.Academy’s project expenses are generated. All are designated to serve and grow the A.Academy’s vision and initiative

Fields of Services


1. Art therapy:

Self – empowerment and healing- using a recent developing method, by the A.Academy, combining color, sound and movement. A full “soul, mind and body” journey, a conscious-subconscious experience in and out.

2. Coaching:

Developing skills and abilities, solutions rather than false worries.

3. Fine arts:

Painting, sculpting, installation and design. Courses, classes and workshops. Indoor/Outdoor.

4. Body arts:

Needle body arts and brush body arts. Common as tattooing and body painting.

5. Exhibitions/Performances:

Solo and group exhibitions/performances of pure fine art works, in painting, sculpting, installation, sound, movement and more.

7. Museum gallery and shop.

Age groups

All ages.

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