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Info and notes

The Museum part presents works of the fields of fine art I use and apply, separately or combined, through my work to visualize the state of being and the doing in mind, heart and soul, in real and surreal existence in every here and now.

It reflects the journey, the growth, the story, the life, the colors, the history and more. It goes on, as time allows.



  • Painting

My journey with colors started at a very young age prior to my academic certificate in fine arts. My journey within this field is quiet fascinating and magical.

Time grows and so my identity is now becoming more clear and sharp within this field of soul expression. I learned so much and I continue learn and develop every day.

Since start of 2013 I had my colors daily in hand, even for 5 to 10 minutes sometimes, but no day passes without having this connection and dialogue through colors no matter the surface I may choose or use.

An Ongoing Life Journey In & Out. I follow the spontaneous flow of body, mind and soul. No certain pattern nor rule. I feel the moment, what is in there and out there. It is the soul time with myself, it is me speaking now… to the outside world in a language I master no master, no master is a master, a master is his own master… and I do master my own way best.

I see and perceive, react to all senses through all senses. Life lessons I put in there, spontaneously as if, bringing all contradictions, conscious or not, to the outside.  Revealing the ongoing journey and flow of the Here and Now, a never ending one, a constantly growing one.

Layers! Transparent or not, light or dark, straight or round, dot or point, I never erase any single detail that I put out on surface, it is already born, it is there, I will not take it off or start again, I go on, I stand behind what I produce and show. However, be sure and no matter the picture you get to see or perceive, in images or personalities, they are all me, they come all out of one source, Me, Myself and I.


  • Sculpting

Sculpting was the field of specializing during my university years of study.

To touch the third dimension of the soul, this is what I feel when I experience and create in this field of fine arts. Combining the conceptual approach of the being and the doing, with tender hands and heart.

Materials may vary from soft to hard and liquid to solid.


  • Drawings

Pure free flow in Hand and soul. The pencil has its charm, techniques and skills.

As in my major productions and creations, I start, a flow, a journey In & Out. The end result is to reveal the hidden treasures of the soul in Each and every Here & Now.


  • Soul and spirit design

Since young age I am attracted and attached to colors, shapes and spaces. I love the structures and dynamic settings of spaces.

What I do in this field of art is translating the spirit, vision and concept of space, through use and application of a pure organic and artistic approach and techniques.

I work with any given space and place, inside and outside. In closed doors, in nature, in gardens, in public spaces. No matter the given reality and shape of space, I enter the space, move in it, live it, breath it and there starts the journey of adding the breathing environment that will answer the smallest to wider needs of the place’s desired concept and function.


  • Color and Sound

A Live painting of A live music. Reflecting the pure connection and light. visualizing the sounds and beats of music.

Each session has a title, reflecting the spirit, the journey and soul behind each creation at its real here and now. I share the final image/s of the journey and a link to the Musical set published online.


  • Pyrography

Pyrography is the name of the technique used for wood burning art. It is a field I like to practice from time to time. The soldering iron functions same as my painting brush or drawing pencil. Pure free flow of hand and soul. No stencil or design medium. I work directly on the wood piece/object surface.


  • Photography

Photography is a field of arts I started exploring early in year 2007. It started with using the home camera, the little pocket ones, and this is the case up till today too.
A picture/photo is a moment capture, a life capture. I use it to explore my inner world through the outside reflections of myself, in shape, place, positions, people, items, compositions, etc. I use no flash, never. I try use the natural light of sun and nature.

In the photography section gallery, I present the interests, details, moments, frames, times and images that relate to my journey and life. In galleries I try to give title to my captures, grouping them and sorting out according to the way they appeal to me. For example: plants, animals, homes, smiles, emotions and texture, etc.


General Info:

The pieces/objects/items/collections produced are one of a kind. No repetition of design or color. Some pieces may be referred to as ‘functional art’ as well.

Some works are available to find their new home. Others are in process, and the rest is part of a certain project or series that is being developed through time.


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