Fine Arts الفنون الجميلة

Painting and Sculpting

Be the master of your own soul, bring out the beauty and the dark, find the balance and harmony, in & out


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Why choose the A.Academy for art and life

  • An alternative modern approach, along with classical school approach as well;
  • A very warm, empowering, supportive, caring, professional and unique environment;
  • Connect and nurture the artistic and expressive side of yourself,
  • Learn the way to your lines and identity,
  • Break the fear of self and surrounding “less positive” criticism,
  • Reveal your lines, skills, ways, styles you master best,
  • Listen to the voice inside of you, bring your true colors and reflections out on surface.
  • Enjoy a life time gift to your life and way.

Painting classes – Level One

  • Learning and applying color theories,
  • Learning color wheel and basics,
  • Approach to color on different surfaces, from canvas to wood, steal and fabrics,
  • Approach to kinds of paint, brushes and all related equipment and tools.
  • A visit to Art store. Learn your future way. How to find what serves you way and needs.

Painting classes – Level two

  • A personal project to be developed, from start to end product/products through the course,
  • The possible future opportunities as painters in museums, galleries, alternative spaces and more.
  • Researching the many options to develop and live your way and art as painters,
  • Final Solo or group exhibition at spaces we research together and choose.

Contact & info

Available: individual, private and small groups/classes/courses/workshops.

For reservation & more details: private or special group orders, options, times and start dates please email: or call: 00972 548005039.