Curriculum Vitae


Name & Surname: Alhan Jeries-Ashqar
Date of birth: 19th of Feb, 1979


Fine artist, painter, sculptor, art therapist, interdisciplinary artist, design and installation arts, body paint and tattoo artistry and dancer, human world peace activist. Founder of the “Academy for Art and Life”- a life project and a developing social model, for self-empowerment and healing on the personal, communal and social levels, through the expressive languages of arts as a way and an approach in life for life.

Education and specialties

    • Professional Body Inking – by tattoo artist Michael Litovkin – Planet Tattoo Studio- Tel Aviv, Feb 2013 – Oct 2013.
    • Principles of the Special Education – “Matching Para-medical Employees to teaching positions” – Gordon College- Haifa, 2010-2011.
    • Art therapy: Education and Therapy By way of creation and expression in the visual art course of study – Haifa University, Oct, 2006- Oct, 2008.
    •  Advanced study courses in Psychology – Oranim Academic College- Tivon, 2005-2006.
    • Interior Design – Enrichment night courses. Wizzo College for Design and Arts – Haifa, 2003-2005.
    • Bachelor Degree Studies in Fine Arts Department – Haifa University, 1998-2002.
    • Bachelor Degree Studies in English Literature & Linguistic Department – Haifa University, 1998-2001.
  • High School Diploma, “Yanni-Yanni”- Kfar Yassif, 1993-1997.

** Winner of the Yocheved Vedra -Young fine Artist Prize – Haifa University for the final art installation project supervised by Prof. Yaakov Dortchin, in sculpting field, (2002).

Professional training in the field of social change, humanity and nonprofit NGO’s

    • Evaluation and Organizational development enrichment training course – Shatil, Haifa, 2011-2012
    • Organizational management enrichment training course – Shatil, Haifa, 2011
    • Barefoot workshops (digital media)- for producing short documentaries in public service announcements to direct topics in human rights advancement field – 3 weeks intensive training workshop – Tel Aviv, 2008.
    • Guidance to Human Sexuality – by IPPF, 112 Academic Hours, Haifa, 2006
    • Fundraising and Resource Development – Shatil, Haifa, 2005.
  • proposal and grant writing – Shatil, Haifa, 2005.

Highlights of work in the field of fine arts, space design and more

    • Solo Live performance – exhibition “Kouni Fakanat #3” at Studio & Gallery Shuki Kok.  Field: “Sound and color” – live painting and organic music production. 6 hours of live performance. Yafo-Tel Aviv. 1st of Dec, 2018.
    • Group/solo exhibition – three open studio days 77 artists – Haifa arts Festival – 8th -10th of Jun, 2017.
    • Solo Live performance – exhibition “Kouni Fakanat #2” at Quando Pasha/studio 99. Field: “Sound and color” – live painting and organic music production. 6 hours of live performance. Haifa. 5th of Aug, 2016.
    • Solo Live performance-exhibition “Kouni Fakanat #1” at Abatjour Cafe-Gallery. Field: “Sound and Color” – Live painting on live musical production – Live broadcast for nine and half hours – Haifa. 26th, of May, 2016.
    • Interior Soul and Spirit Design – Art installation and space Design – Pizza Al Ein, Kfar Yassif. Nov-Dec 2015.
    • Group Exhibition, “Around the world in thirty days” – The Ballery – Berlin- Germany – July 2015.
    • Solo Exhibition at Heat & Beat – Restaurant-Gallery – Berlin Germany – Aug-Sep, 2014.
    • Group Exhibition at Platue Gallery- The Green House- Berlin Germany – July 2014.
    • Solo Exhibition at Kotti Cafe-Gallery – Berlin – Germany – May – June 2014.
    • Interior Soul and Spirit Design – Art installation and space Design – Nard Café Gallery, Haifa July – Aug 2013.
    • Art Installation – “Akher zafeer Celebrating Nature Festival’ – June 2013.
    • Solo Exhibition in art installation- Cycle Faam Spring Festival – Golan Heights, 2012.
    • Art Installation at “Colors Carnival” – Massada street Festival in support of impoverished minorities people from Low socioeconomically backgrounds” – Haifa 2010
    • Group Exhibition ” Alwan min IBDAA = Colors from IBDAA”, the Cultural Center for Arts – Nazareth, Dec 2005. Curated and sponsored by “IBDAA”- organization for art and artist – Kfar Yassif.
    • Group Exhibition at the Annual Mask Festival – Hecht Center – Mount Carmel –Haifa 2005
    • Solo Exhibition – for the winning Art Project of the Yocheved Vedra Prize – “untitled” Haifa University 2003
    • Solo Exhibition at Beneno Café Gallery “untitled” Haifa, 2003
  • Self-employed artist since 2002

In music, performance & dance

    • Dancer at “Azkur” Musical, “Almidan Theater” – Haifa, Israel (2000- 2008). The musical won the Qirtage Theater festival Honoring Award- Tunisia, Oct 2001.
    • Dancer at “Qatre El Nada” Musical, Production of “Yoad group for Culture and Arts” 1996-1998
    • Ballet and modern dancer at “Scheherazade dancing group- Kfar Yassif” the group participated in many national and international dancing festivals. (1985-1997)
    • Learning & Playing the Piano from age of 6 till 18. Participated in recitals and concerts.
  • Expressionist and Ballet Dancer since 1985 and on.


Work and experience in social change and human rights

 Served over a decade in social change groups and human rights NGO’s as follows:

  • Organizational Management & Projects Coordinator, “Aswat – Palestinian Gay Women Sep 2010 – Aug 2012
  • Committee Member and Volunteer -“MantiQitna Network for Sexual Minorities LGBTQI in the Middle East and North Africa Region” – MENA region 2010- 2012.
  • Resource Development and Financial Management at “Muntada” The Arab Forum For Sexuality and Reproductive Health”, Haifa Oct 2008 – Aug 2010
  •  Resource Development Coordinator –  “Aswat – Palestinian Gay Women”  Group, c/o Kayan, Haifa, (Sep 2006- Apr 2008)
  • Resource Development Coordinator  – “Assiwar Organization- for support of victims of sexual abuse”, Haifa (Jan 2005 – Aug 2006)

Work in this field: coordinating projects, writing proposals, resource development, networking, budgets and financials (developing special finance and budgeting tools of reporting and follow-ups for NGO’s), staff management, group facilitation, leading and organizing events and conferences, documentations and development of evaluation tools, building and developing follow up maintenance plans/tools of timetables, staff, groups and projects.

Work and experience in art therapy:

General: Independent and freelance art therapist.

Live dialogue of sound and color: is a developing research tool and model, an alternative therapeutic and healing approach, combining body, mind and soul, through the expressive healing languages of art, within my clinical work in art therapy since 2012.

During years of Study: nine hundred and seventeen (917) actual field hours during study years:

  • Secondary school – youth with physical special needs. Daliet El Carmel – Haifa, Israel 2006/2007
  • Psychiatric department- Day care- Rambam Hospital- Haifa (2007/2008) –
  • Stress and Eating disorders department- Rambam Hospital – Haifa (2007/2008)

Upon Graduation in Art Therapy and on

  • Art therapist at “Beit El Mahhabbah” Institute for abandoned and abused children – Kfar Yassif, Israel (2009/2012)
  • Conducted two training workshop of 10 academic hours for kindergarten caregivers – working with children of 1-3 years of age through arts. Kfar Yassif Municipality, education and Welfare sections, (April 2012)
  • Short term art Therapy – 45 hours with young girls at risk- Sheffamr – day care center for young girls at risk. (March till July 2012)
  • Short term art Therapy – 45 hours – with youth at risk (14-18 years) – Nazareth – Israel (2011)
  • “Almasar” School for youth with special needs  – Haifa (2010/2011)
  • Short Term art therapy – 25 hours – in support of single mothers from low socioeconomic background, Haifa (April till July 2011)

** My work since 2009 till 2012 in the field of art therapy was accompanied with professional supervision by Mrs. Tamar Hazout – Head of art therapy course Haifa University during my study years.



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Adress: Kfar Yassif (IL)

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