Body arts فن الجسد

Needle and Brush Body Art

Where Art meets life, a soul combination, a journey In & Out.

Ludmir -design & ink 27.3

Soul of body arts

A needle or a brush is to reveal this eternal connection, driven by the human connection between two souls… loving and respecting the body, to perform out what is hidden in the precious subconscious parts of the spirit. I am to translate all energies and connection directly on skin, receiving it all from our time, energies and space together. The body lines and muscles are to take the lead.

It is the moment… every moment… the now of our living hearts and minds, in its live dialogue of all senses.

Every “Body” – Every “Jasad” is a living and breathing piece of Art

Following no certain known line in arts, I flow with the needle and ink, mastering only my lines and my skills in pencil drawings and brush painting to apply through a needle on a body. The body is my canvas this time.

The needle body art Journey

The pure free flow of hand and needle on body art session:

  • Trust is there, and basic human connection is there as well.
  • No copy – Paste.
  • No copy machine or computer or any design program.
  • I have various and diverse albums of my drawings, lines and pieces of art that we can together connect and take it to the next level. By level I mean, connecting to your needs, and try with the language I master to visualize it for you on your own body and skin.
  • I master my lines best, over 3 decades of free hand and soul expression through drawing, painting and sculpting. And I continue grow with each day and time.
  • Sometimes the start is with the broader outlines, others with dotting and else with just grid lines or points, forming shapes and images. Every dot or line is a challenge for the next, at some I ease at others I flow, from the micro to the macro and vise-versa. It is always an ongoing dialogue, endless are the needle’s ways same as the inner world I and you hold. It is a Natural flow of two spirits, one with the needle, the other awaiting to transform a body piece into a breathing art.
  • I work slowly, inserting the ink gradually, as on any paper sketch when making any shading or precise little details and lines. But also, to me it is the first connection of energy. Slowly it grows, time is Here and Now.
  • I do tell if I am the right person to answer your needs. Each Artist has a way he/she masters best, a journey of life through life. Hence it is important to list your vision, story and soul motivating your referral.
  • One or more sessions? Together we decide prior, mid or late on the road and Journey.  Be sure that the day is all yours. I take one per day.

Designs of wishes and Words:  

  • drawings and custom designs are due to pr-order.
  • The process from A-Z is based on pure free hand as in all. Tools used are basic tools such as pencils transparent papers to document the layers, growth of a design, and you will also be part of the process.
  • Prior to ink stage:
    • We bring the idea to surface, check the possibilities on skin, I try be sensitive to every skin’s given nature. And carefully consider body shape as Mother Nature gifted us. You will be presented to the real and actual options that you have, and together we decide on best options and solutions to translate the desired idea on skin. please provide measures of the designated body part and list any note such as scars or else, to sustain an original, fine and clean translation of thought.
    • After a week up till three weeks, I show you the process and the experimental sketches’ outcome. It is the time we decide on one final approach.  I take the design for one more week or two to finalize the fully detailed design.
    • Together we set the desired day and time. The final design is ready. If any little further final updates needed, I make it on spot prior to inking. I take the final design to prepare the stencil so to  transform it on skin.  The station is now fully open and all is ready and set to transforming the piece on your body.
    • Estimated time of process: Two up to 12 weeks, depends on request, size and needs, time and real schedule.

Contact and orders:

  • In email- try be precise, please list info regarding the body part, the allover size, the story behind,  and if you have images or colors or sounds to support your vision and story.
  • I will answer within the first few days up till two week.
  •  I work in a private atelier, no outer distractions, full concentration and time for me and you.
  • Waiting is no more than three month from contacting day.
  • For overseas persons: process mainly through e-mail, the final is in studio.

Please keep in mind:

  •  No Rush;
  • Come chill and relaxed;
  • Be sure you are there for yourself,
  • Enjoy the process;
  • Think of no pain, it is tenderly inked to your skin.


To order your design and for more info please E-mail me at: