I write it and say it my way, following no certain order nor chronological nor content roles.

I reveal parts of my inner soul and life.




About the Name

ALHAN -ألحان – (أ. ل. ح. ا. ن) = the origin of the word derives from Arabic language. ALHAN is the plural form of the word LAHEN (لحن). Relates to fields of sound, music, poetry and language. The meaning in English language, according to my search, is: Melodies =Alhan / Melody =Lahen.

It is a rare name in ِArabic language. The third letter ح (أ. ل. ح. ا. ن), the sixth in number out of 28 letters forming the Arabic language alphabet, is replaced by the letter H in English and foreign languages. It has a little similarity, in phonetics and sound of the Arabic letter ح.


JERIES_ASHQAR: in early years I had only Jeries as my official family name. It is common in my community to follow only the Father’s family name.  In 2012, I decided to take it to the next level, adding my mom’s family name, which is Ashqar. It felt much more complete within my personal feeling and approach. I hold both, their history and story.

My identity puzzle has diverse pieces forming it. Each piece belongs to certain reality, time, history and story. My puzzle continues to grow as time goes on. My circles of life are growing too.

I say it my way

I lived to know rejection, non-acceptance, disrespect, violence, and abandonment through all identity components supposedly forming mine upon birth: nationality, religion, gender, social status, language, music, color and all.

Now, and after numerous journeys in and out within our cosmos, I found the little corner of peace inside; traveling beyond the components forming an identity, any identity. It is an everyday challenge to wake up to life, consciously try see the good side of it, seek the light and overcome the numerous humanly defined and practiced barricades surrounding it.

The spirit and soul of my art and life

Through the nonverbal diverse languages of art combining body, mind and soul, movement, color and sound, I try bring to surface the eternal bonding between human beings as a one breathing unit forming our universe, and as a separate unique spirit in body, mind and soul. Touching the very components forming a person’s “world” and identity, joining the global call for breaking the categorical imposed molds upon birth on each individual and human being. Calling for open human based connection regardless of common definitions and categorizing of people while sustaining the cultural, sub-cultural and global richness and diversity.

All colors, no matter of which material, acrylics, inks, watercolors, oils, pastels…etc., will find their way on my canvas, speaking in harmony through the different languages and mediums of art and life, believing in its power and magic to narrow  and merge all gaps blocking the pure natural connection to the other human outside of our own selves.

My brush can be a pen, pencil, needle, or any expression tool, My “Canvas” can be any object, material or surface such as canvas, human body, textile, wood, transparent fabrics, steel, nature…etc., still, the identity is one, an identity that developed through years, with life experience and research in the different and various components of a human identity in body, mind and soul in every here and now.

All paintings, drawings and art is done using pure free flow of hands and soul. Style I would describe as more organic, visionary, minimal, surreal, real, flowing, breathing, lines, geometry, circles, endless, progressive, ongoing, floating, deep, ambient, transforming, fusion and dynamic.


To be continued…


Light & Love