A’s Word for Life

Moments of life, journeys in life, lessons for life

No. 1

#1 Wordforlife

At certain point,

It’s not the society to blame for our own misery,

But ourselves for not having the courage to do the change,

The energy to handle the so called “high price” and the power to

Stand still for our beliefs and values.

Alhan J.A
March 26th, 2013

No. 2

#2 WordforLife1200

My soul rises to new levels of a colorful freedom,

My heart flourishes, my senses are sharpened and again I feel alive.

I can live the beauty of life.

This is how it feels when I dance to the rhythm and the beats of a spectacular music.

It is the time my existence reaches new spheres and dimensions beyond

The barriers of my physical body.

Alhan J. A
March 24th, 2012


No. 3

#3 WordforLife1200


Where beautiful spirits and souls connect,

Love and care, hope and share, feel and dare,

To walk through the light and dark that is

In and Out there.

Alhan J.A
March, 2015

No 4.

#4 WordforLife1200

Exploring my inner world of contradictions, is

A game I love to play.

I do have many, they are all me.

In good and in bad.

Who said life is boring?


I never did.

Alhan J. A
May 14th, 2013

No. 5

#5 WrordforLife1200


Confusing between

Social norms and human values.

Alhan J.A
March 13th, 2013

No. 6

# 6 WordforLife1200

I Am Alive

I look back, I see me.

I look forward, I see me.

I look Here and Now, I see me breath the freezing warm life,

The happy sad life,

The young old life, the here and there life.

Feels warm in the heart, my circle of life is still at move,

Beating to the colorful rhythm of life.

Alhan J. A
October 20th, 2016

No. 7

# 7 WordforLife1200

Mastering the language of Mother Nature,

Awakening the sleepy senses,

Move resting spirits to dance its beauty and power,

Let conscious live its magic and charm.

This is how we live the change,

It will flow in harmony and accordingly.

It is possible, indeed.

Alhan J.A
April 7th, 2015

No. 8

# 8 WordforLifeREG420

Whether it is a physical need, a mental need,

A personal need, a social, a financial, an environmental,

A psychological or a spiritual need, etc.


We are all people with Special Needs.

Alhan J. A
Jun, 2015

No. 9

# 9 WordforLife1200

I will carry no flag, I need no flag,

I exist with or without these symbols, textile designs and names.

I exist by my own name.

Alhan J. A
Nov, 2014

No. 10

# 10 WordForLife1200

Words, promises, and even epiphanies

 DON’T count.

 Actions and deeds DO.

Alhan J. A
Nov 21st, 2017

No. 11

# 11 WordforLife1200

Life is imposing high challenges my way.

I perceive the challenge, sometimes it feels hard to breathe, but yes I do breathe.

I take the deep breath that opens my eyes to new horizons and dimensions of thy own soul.

I take what I need to get and see.

 I look forward, I move next.

I feel the good and the bad.

I hide no feelings,

Negative and positive are inside of me,

Burning alive constantly to show me the way to the balancing spot in there.

I find it, again and again.

The journey proceeds with its new ads and treasures.

Thank you life for this day and way.

Alhan J. A
Jul 13th, 2014

No. 12

# 12 WordforLife1200

In moments of dark, moments of hopeless ends,

Of restlessness and deep pain, when one sees it all;

In conscious moments I am to choose!

I fall to earth, I merge with sand and ashes

I stop the breath,

For a while, a moment, a second, a minute and,

I decide not to die.

I touch the waters of big oceans,

I become a clay, I merge with the warm drops of water and sand,

I decide to swim the shores of light,

Standing again on that high spot where I see no horizons anymore,

There where I am to decide.

Sometimes I break,

with tender hands I am to unite again,

A bonding of a mother to its child.

Mother earth… Where dark turns on the candles of light,

Carrying to me new messengers of light.

I am not ALONE… we are not ALONE… we are ALL-ONE

The ONE peace… The ONE love

Alhan J. A
Nov 20th, 2014
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