Art Therapy العلاج بالفن

Art Therapy – Private and group sessions

“Let Color be your Light, Let Music be your insight,

  Dance forward and backward in time, Balance is to seek and find.

  Take the Journey with no fear of a right and wrong.

   Be, exist, sense and live”.

Alhan J.A, 2016


What is in there

Therapy, healing, coaching and self-empowerment through expressive arts and nonverbal languages of communication and life.

Loving and accepting the “I” and its related world of endless contradictions, the millions of moments and characteristics, diverse- inherited or not – personalities and masks.  Bringing the inner world out.

Technical info:

  • Each meeting is 90 minutes.
  • All related materials are included.
  • The place and space at special cases can occur outside of the clinic walls. This we decide together at start, minding all related needs.
  • First to second meetings, we set the outlines of the future map of meetings, personal needs, timing and all related subject matters.

For your first self-healing, coaching and empowerment session through expressive arts:

Call: 00972 54 8005039


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