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The Kiss – القبلة

#12 -TheKiss1200Resize



Pencil on paper

Size – A3

Mar 2013

Free Hand and soul flow. I had no prior image in mind. It was a time I was still learning to use needles as my new “brush” and medium for drawing and painting. I was a practitioner for what is called in common language: A tattoo artist, which I personally call: Needle Body Art.

The “kiss” its title, it was one night in the city of Tel Aviv – I was staying at a soul brother home. We both explore music and free flow of soul and life. In background was the music of a dear soul brother as well from Amman-Jordan, his name is Tareq Abu-Kwik, from his project “Al-Morabba3”. The text on the side is a verse from one of his texts and famous songs “Taht El Ard” was the song that gave a lead to my pencil and soul. A long with other musical sets and journeys, but this song was vivid and clear here.

One week I was moving with it, each day adding more lines and shades, images started flowing to surface naturally and I continued till it felt time to leave.

In pictures

The original pencil work and some of the graphic effects and colors explored with Picasa program, trying to see more and more of its endless worlds and expressions. Still, the source is one, it is the original that was produced through using a pure free hand flow only.

The original work is in Amman, kept safe for me during the time of my journeys to new spots on mother earth, time seems close to go bring it back home.


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