A's Diary

We are strong to grow far, away from root.

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Today feels happy, lots of joyful family moments, with much chocolate and sweets for the Christmas month and week. It is a sunny warm December day at my root village up north, Kofor Yassif.

I feel joy today, I am living the magical time any family wish to have. Mom, dad, brother, sister and the new family members who joined our path, all healthy and happy, satisfied and thankful, energized and eager to continue the journey on and on. adding more moments of love to our day, history and time.

Four years ago at exact day as today, Dec 13th, same date, I was packing my life and stuff, moving on to a new city, new country and a new place. It was a one way  flight ticket to the city of colors and lights, cold and snow, beauty and shine, unknown and dark, the city that will add to the number of homes I earned in my journey, in Heart and in Life. Berlin it’s name.

Today, I am packing again, different this time, to a new home I earned in heart and soul, to the nest where I will land to grow, planting my own Mother-Nature tree roots, in a rich soil ground, full of love and light. I pack not fully, heart can never be uprooted, it is this home my eyes saw first light, it is this home I got training to travel this life. I just take little or nothing, I need no more, I have it all inside.

Life is about back and forth, I will be here and there, in circles and times.

Joyful is this day, our tree is growing new branches are changing its shape, adapting in harmony with all what life has to offer. We are strong to grow far, away from root, never torn apart. It is just that some branches do dare to reach and touch the skies.

It is a sunny clear blue day, and so is my heart.


Love & Light

Alhan J. A


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